How to make dried persimmons?


2022-02-15 16:19

1. Fruit picking: The persimmon fruit is fully yellow and ripe, and the yellow skin of the persimmon is slightly red.

2. Rotary skin: The harvested persimmon fruit should be cut off with scissors, and the persimmon stem and wings should be cut off.

3. Slicing: Cut the peeled persimmon fruit into 0.4-0.5 cm thick slices.

4. Drying: Put the persimmon slices on a sifter or a bamboo-woven drying tool, preferably in a single place, in a ventilated and dry place, keeping the top exposed to light and the bottom ventilated. If it is raining, cover it with plastic film, and ensure ventilation and let it dry naturally.

5. Frosting: first lay a layer of persimmon skin on the bottom of the cylinder (or other container), then place a layer of dried persimmons on top of each other, then place a layer of persimmon skin, and place another layer of dried persimmons on top. Layer the dried persimmons until the tank is full, then put another layer of persimmon peels, then seal the opening of the tank tightly, and place it in a cool place to frost naturally. Be careful not to let the dried persimmon see light, so as not to affect the frosting. The frosted dried persimmon is sweet and crisp, and is durable for transportation and storage.




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