The benefits and disadvantages of eating sweet potatoes often


2022-02-15 16:18

Is it harmful to eat dried sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes should not be eaten too much at one time, and should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Sweet potatoes contain an oxidase, which is easy to produce a lot of carbon dioxide gas in the human gastrointestinal tract. For example, if the sweet potato is eaten too much, it will cause bloating. In addition, eating on an empty stomach will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, making people feel "heartburn". The inadequacy of sweet potatoes is the lack of protein and fat, but today people are rich, and no longer use sweet potatoes as a staple food. The nutrients they lack can be supplemented by other diets. Therefore, adding a few slices of sweet potato after each meal is the most scientific way to eat.


After the above introduction, we have a simple understanding of whether or not the sweet potato can be harmed. The sweet potato has a certain health care function, can relax the bowel, and has a lot of protection against arteriosclerosis and strengthening the body's immunity. The role. Do not eat with dried persimmon when eating, it is easy to cause stomach discomfort.



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