Do you want to wash the persimmon before eating?


2022-02-15 16:15

1, generally do not need to wash. Some people may think that the white powder on the persimmon cake is dusty or moldy and needs to be washed off before it can be eaten. In fact, the white powder is the persimmon cream of persimmon, and it is also the sugar in the persimmon. If you wash it off, it will greatly reduce the sweetness. The white cream is the nutrient essence of persimmon, and it can definitely be eaten. Do not need to wash off, if you take it to wash, it will affect the taste and value of dried persimmon.


2. Do not wash the persimmon cake before eating. The key depends on whether the persimmon cake itself is hygienic. In general, there are more possibilities for dried persimmons, and there may be health problems. This persimmon is generally bought as little as possible, and it is understandable to wash it before eating. However, if it is a persimmon with a sealed package, it usually does not need to be washed. The principle of “a penny and a share” is also applicable to dried persimmons.


3, of course, just because consumers have a soft spot for the persimmon on the frost. Some dealers began to use the whitening food additives for artificial “pulling” to meet market demand. Some vendors are processing, using talcum powder and peptide powder to make artificial persimmon cream. Talc powder is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos, which is the cause of ovarian and lung tumors in humans. Titanium dioxide is mainly used in the fields of paints, plastics, inks, etc. It can be said that if these two kinds of things are used for persimmons, it will cause harm to the human body, and it is definitely harmful and cannot be eaten.


The hoarfrost on the persimmon cake is also called persimmon cream. It has the functions of moistening dryness, dissipating phlegm and relieving cough. It is called the essence of dried persimmon cake. It can cure lung heat and dry cough. It is infiltrated with the evaporation of pulp moisture when drying dried persimmon cake. The sugar content, that is, the coagulation of glucose and fructose. This is edible, and the more hoarfrost, the better the persimmon.


The fresh persimmon contains a lot of water, containing glucose and fructose. When it is dried into a persimmon, the water gradually evaporates, and the glucose and fructose contained in the pulp penetrate into the epidermis. Of course, the nature of these two sugars is different. Fructose tastes very sweet and easily absorbs water. When it penetrates the surface of the persimmon cake, it grabs the moisture in the air and sticks to the pericarp's skin, similar to the syrup outside the candied fruit. The sweetness of glucose is not sugar, but it is not easy to catch the moisture in the air. When it penetrates into the epidermis of the persimmon cake, it becomes a layer of white powder, which just wraps the adhered fructose, making the whole persimmon Dry, so the hoarfrost on the persimmon is actually a powder of glucose.


Persimmon cream contains mannitol, glucose, fructose, sucrose, flavonoids, tannins, phenols, resins, coumarin compounds, reducing sugars, polysaccharides, volatile oils, organic acids, chlorophyll and so on.


Organic acids are betulinic acid, oleanolic acid, ursolic acid, succinic acid, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, pyro-acid, and cloves. The coumarins are: sorghum, 6-methoxy Base 7-hydroxycoumarin, 6-hydroxy-7-methoxycoumarin; flavonoids have carbunion, quercetin, musk , rich in vitamin C, carotene, gall Alkali, etc.


At the same time, this layer of "white frost" makes the whole dried persimmon dry. Dried persimmons can be processed and treated to treat blood in the stool and cough in the elderly. It also has a certain effect on hepatitis.


The hoarfrost of persimmon is a substance containing a variety of nutrients, so the next time you eat persimmon, don't throw the layer of hoarfrost, you know that this will cause a lot of waste, especially For some people with cough problems, eating hoarfrost on dried persimmons is the best way to treat cough.




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