Development of dried taro


2022-02-15 16:18

Dried taro is the familiar dried sweet potato, dried sweet potato and sweet potato date. With the large export of dried sweet potato in my country, especially in Japan, the Japanese is dried taro, and dried taro is used instead of dried sweet potato in China. Dried taro is available in flakes, strips or lumps, light yellow in color, sweet in taste and flat in nature. healthy food.
The production method of dried sweet potato, the raw material is sweet potato. Generally, the whole sweet potato is steamed and peeled, then sliced ​​and dried naturally. Sweet potatoes should not be eaten too much at one time, and should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Sweet potatoes contain an oxidase, which is easy to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the human gastrointestinal tract. For example, eating too much sweet potato at one time will make people bloated. In addition, eating on an empty stomach will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, making people feel "heartburning".

The disadvantage of sweet potatoes is the lack of protein and fat, but today people are richer and no longer take sweet potatoes as their staple food. The nutrients it lacks can be supplemented by other meals. Therefore, it is the most scientific way to eat a few sweet potatoes after each meal.

With the advancement of science and technology, sweet potato products emerge in an endless stream. Among them, the most popular one is the dried sweet potato that is convenient to eat. Sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes) are washed, cooked, and sun-dried to become soft, fragrant, sweet, and dried out. What is even more rare is that the dried potato does not add any substances during the production process, and it is a well-deserved "pure natural, no added" food.



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